A new memoir by Joe Montaperto


1990. It wasn’t too long ago that 30 year old Joe Montaperto was a rising young comic on the New York City circuit - performing with the likes of John Stewart and John Leguizamo. Now, he sits in his childhood bedroom of his parent’s New Jersey home, babbling endlessly to his ever-present Napoleon statue at three in the morning. The only time he laughs these days is watching reruns of the old 60s TV series - Lost In Space. And he’s afraid of napkins.

Desperate to find meaning in his life, his decade long journey leads him to a lengthy and rigorous stint at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, and a tumultuous, yet undeniably exciting relationship with a spiritual bipolar woman.

When she later dumps him for a heroin-addicted jazz musician, he returns to the world of catering, wandering the city streets brokenhearted and aimless. During his strolls, he becomes increasingly appalled by the proliferation of Starbucks, and driven by outrage, decides to become a social activist. He creates a one-man show as his form of political protest (Four Degrees of Disconnection), and is surprised by the successful reception. It seems he is back on the road to stardom.

Until 9/11.

Will he ever overcome his fear of napkins? More importantly - will he ever get out of catering alive?


Nobody gets out of catering alive

Available in Paperback and eBook


If a book’s purpose is to make the reader think, then this effort succeeds on many levels. One cannot read Montaperto’s work without looking inside themselves, comparing their own thoughts to those of Montaperto and his various characters, and, sometimes, wondering if they (or we as a whole) are walking along the correct path. Montaperto is a self-proclaimed entertainer. This book proves that he is correct, because once you start reading, you will not want to put it down. On the other hand, while he often wonders while recounting his life if he is wasting his time waiting tables at parties and writing his one-man show, his stories and musings show that, in that respect, he is completely incorrect.
— Andrew Wolfenson, Esq., attorney and author of In His Ex-Wife’s Defense and Deadly Fantasy: A Baseball Story

Montaperto’s done it again! In this latest installment of Joe’s recounts of his life, we find him navigating the highs and lows of his comedy career balanced by the sublime and tumultuous periods of his life, loves and ultimate “mind snaps” that seem to go hand in hand with catering in New York City. This book is whirlwind of a read, off beat, funny and genuine material that was difficult to put down!
— Peter Schuberth, ninja, multidisciplinary designer and hospitality guru