FINALLY...the moment you've all been breathlessly awaiting...'The Yerba Mate Ritual!'

As I sit here, at the Panera in Hoboken, NJ, I am tearing up to Cat Stevens, 'Father&Son', playing mournfully in the background...but I MUST carry on somehow - even though - "I know I have to go away...I know I have to go". Get a hold of yourself, mahn! Ok, here goes, as promised...'The Yerba Mate Ritual'.  I can't stop sobbing... alright!

When I enter this Panera, I have in my backpack an old (or used, in any case!) paper Panera cup. I stroll in, first completing the my aforementioned feast (refer to previous blog!), then immediately placing two vibrant teabags of Guyuaki Yerba Mate tea bags in the cup, then cleverly filling it to the brim with hot (boiling?) water, simultaneously dropping EXACTLY two slices of lemon into the scalding water, and securing the top! After it steeps for PRECISELY 10 minutes, I put TWO teaspoons of Y.S.Eco Bee Farms Organic Raw honey, and TWO sprinkles of ORGANIC cinnamon (it MUST be organic, otherwise, you may be ingesting cinnamon-flavor only!!), and sip, while thoughtfully devouring my Green&Black's 70% cacao organic chocolate bar - PRECISELY 1.9 oz.!) Now, I am satiated, satisfied, and able to sit for the next 3 hours and write long-hand. I MUST NOT be disturbed!!!

Panera in Hoboken, NJ

Ok - I would like to continue on this theme of writing in cafes, coffee shops and/or diners. First of all, I HAVE to write in one of these places - there  is NO WAY I could ever even attempt to write in my place of residence - or any place of residence, that is. Even the attempt would drive me madly insane! So, as you can see, I have no choice. But the thing is, you have to find the right KIND of public place to write. Forget about Starbucks - too many white fatsos and Yuppies. No, the place MUST have the right ambience - just enough lunatics to make it interesting, a friendly, compliant staff, who will get me free food (as I would never actually buy anything) relative peace, and a tolerant management. THAT place is Panera in Hoboken. Besides actually never having bought anything in 10 years there - in fact, I bring my own food - Siggi's Icelandic vanilla yogurt,  a handful of organic almonds, a 1.9 oz. bar of Green&Black Dark Organic Chocolate (it MUST be 70% cacao - any less is unacceptable!), from Basic Foods down the block - and finally, all the acouttrements for my Yerba Mate tea ritual - of which I carry in my backpack! I also write in a notebook longhand...more on all these startling developments in my next blog!


This is mainly for people who live in the Tri-State area, and listen to the radio maybe in their car on the way back from work, or are maybe forced to listen by a loved one, I don't know. All I know is this horrible woman host on Lite FM, Delilah - I think it's 106.5 - just COMPLETELY sickens me!!! I don't even want to listen to Lite FM - I'm forced to, because it plays in this diner I go to to write, or at least attempt to write, but can't whenever I hear her! I live in Jersey City, and there are really only basically two places I write - Panera in Hoboken (which I will expound on in my next blog!) and this diner called the VIP - in Jersey City. I do and always have done all my writing in these kinds of diners and coffee shops; it used to be in New York before everything became gentrified and yuppified and the awful Starbucks chain replaced all the great Greek diners. Anyway, this Delilah is the worst kind of pseudo cheerful, faux Christian adviser of pop psychology! I swear, she must have killed more people than Jeffrey Dahmer with her terrible canned advice by now! In fact, I cringe when these pathetic sorry asses come on the show and give her their incredulously narcissistic stories. I can't even be angry at them, it's so absurdly sad! Go to a real therapist people! What is wrong with you all?!  Somebody please stop her before she kills again! This woman is a menace to society! Oh, the humanity!